Licensing options and usage of KTF fonts

Kyiv Type Foundry grants the Licensee a non-exclusive and non-transferable right under terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement (EULA). The Font Software is licensed, not sold. The License authorizes the Licensee to install or self-host and use the Font Software on one or several computers or server for one or several specific uses as defined below (Desktop License, Web License, etc.). A License is valid for one single company or institution only and restricted to one single location stipulated by the Licensee. The Licensee has to truthfully state the Company Size upon the checkout at our online store or by email request. Company Size is based on the number of people working for the Licensee’s company. A Designer can not purchase a License on behalf of one Client and use it for another. Different entities commissioning a Designer must have their own, separate Licenses according to the specific use cases of their brands. If the company employs any third parties or self-employed or temporarily-employed freelancers, a separate license is necessary for those parties. If the Company Size changes due to the company growth, the Licensee is responsible to contact Kyiv Type Foundry and upgrade the License. If the licensed company closes down or merges with other business entities, the License and the Font Software cannot be transferred. If the Licensee purchases an “Unlimited License,” the Licensee won’t have to ever upgrade the License.

  Desktop License

Desktop License grants an installation of the Font Software on one or more Workstation(s). Desktop fonts are distributed in .otf format and are optimized to create non-dynamic documents using text set in the fonts for viewing and printing. Examples include but are not limited to books and other printed publications, posters, logotypes and wordmarks, visual identities, point of sale, street signs, billboards, packaging, merchandising articles, corporate print and digital documents (non-editable), corporate clothing, furniture, vehicles, retail labeling, tickets and other types of graphic art using fonts whether rasterized or vector, displayed on the surface or statically on the computer and other device displays. It is neither allowed to use Desktop fonts on the web nor generate Webfonts from Desktop Fonts. The Licensee can make security copies of the Font as long as they remain inaccessible to external parties.

  Web License

Web License grants the use of the webfonts, optimized for dynamic rendering on the web. Examples include but are not limited to websites, online platforms, online advertising (i.e. HTML5 ads), email newsletters, etc. Webfonts are distributed in .woff and .woff2 formats. Web Licence is bound to a specific domain (URL) and must be specified at the checkout. The license is granted with no dependence on page views. A web license includes an additional domain for development purposes. The Licensee is allowed to self­host the provided webfonts on all registered domains and their sub­-domains, and include them via the @font­face feature. The CSS­file which refers to the webfonts must quote Kyiv Type Foundry original font names.

  App/ Software/ ePub License

Desktop License grants use of the Font Software in native/ web/ hybrid apps, other software, content management systems, eBooks, e­Magazines or any digital periodicals, brochures, catalogs, etc., to be read online or offline, on computers, smartphones, e­readers, tablets, entertainment systems, game consoles, instruments, or any other electronic device. The Licence has to be requested by email. This Licence is bound to a specific app/ publication/ software and must be specified in the request including a detailed purpose and audience/ user description.

  Social Media and Streaming Video

This License grants use of the Font Software within static, animated images and streaming video (static or animated typography) published on social media channels and website domains. It grants the use of Font Software as parts of design assets created for social media channels such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube and has to be requested by email.

  Broadcasting Licence

This License grants use of the Font Software in visual- or audiovisual productions in: –television (such as advertising campaigns, channel branding, etc) –in cinema (movies, trailers, cinema ads, etc.) –online media (for instance streaming services Netflix, Amazon, HBO, SKY) excluding social media (see Social Media and Streaming Video Licence), and in video productions stored on static media (DVD, BlueRay, etc). A broadcasting/streaming license and the Font(s) cannot be transferred. This Licence is bound to a specific use case and must be specified in the email request including a detailed description of a broadcasted content as well as ‘number of campaigns’, ‘number of titles’, ‘geographic territory of the broadcasted content’, ‘content duration’, ‘campaign duration’, ‘content viewers/ targeted audience volume’ description. In the case of subsequent altering of before mentioned parameters, the license has to be updated.

  Unlimited License

“Unlimited License” bundles all the before-mentioned Licenses into one package for a one-time fee. The Unlimited Licence has to be requested by email.