Frequently Asked Questions
  How can I test your font?

Click on the "Download Trial" to download a package containing OTF, TTF, and WOFF files. Those include basic Latin characters as well as numerals and punctuation for convenient personal testing in your programs/ browser and subsequent generation of presentation materials for a client. All materials using our trials should be made for no other than testing/ demonstration purposes. Kerning and full codepages for character sets aren't included.

  How to buy your fonts?

Every font has a "buy" button. You'll be able to select a license type, then select the right amount of users. By clicking on "Add to cart" your cart will be updated and becomes red. Go to "Cart" to check out through our Stripe system. Please make sure you provide your information correctly. We assume you're buying fonts for yourself, so you'd be the license holder. In case you're buying font for someone else (your client) please fill out the "for whom" field to name an alternate license holder. You'll have to enter your name and address in one line. After secure Stripe payment, you will receive your downloads right at the checkout page and a confirmation e-mail with a link to downloads.

  What is a license and what is EULA?

Any individual, designer, agency, or other enterprise using our fonts for creating work for it/him/herself or on behalf of a client, must purchase an appropriate license. A font license gives you the right to use a font in specified ways. You do not own the font itself, as the font is software and not a product. All the regulations about usage of our fonts are stated in our document called EULA or End User License Agreement. By purchasing typefaces via this website or by custom request, you automatically agree to the EULA. You can read it in its entirety here.

  How do I pay? Is it safe?

You can pay with Mastercard, Visa, or American Express. As a company is registered in Germany, payments have to be made in Euro. Payments are HTTPS encrypted and SSL secured and no credit card information is stored on the server. The payment gateway integrates Stripe. All license purchases are one-time payments for perpetual use with no recurring fees.

  I'm an EU citizen, what about VAT?

Prices on the site are excl. VAT. Orders from companies and individuals within Germany are automatically charged 14% value-added tax (MwSt.) on top of the purchase price.

  Can I pay by invoice, PayPal, or bank transfer?

Yes, then we're about to complete your order manually. It happens via email contact. Please write to and state Font Name, license type, amount of users. Additionally, please send us your shipping and billing addresses. We reply within our working hours (09:00–18:00 GMT +1) with payment details. Either bank transfer details or a PayPal invoice. After the payment is done, you'll receive a confirmation email with download links.

  What if your font isn't working?

KTF's typefaces are optimized to work on Mac and PC and in the most recent browsers and design applications. If you discover any issues with the font software, please notify us: we'll work on a solution or provide a refurbishment.

  I bought a font for a client-specific job. Can I use it for another client?

No, every client needs a separate license.

  What is a Desktop Licence?

The basic desktop license consists of the right to store the font on a maximum of 1 computer and use 1 employee of 1 single company, business entity, the institution only and restricted to 1 single business location stipulated by the Licensee. A desktop license allows the Licensee to design, produce and edit printable assets and includes basic publication rights for printed text media such as for print correspondence, books, periodicals, etc. The font is distributed as a .otf file.

  How do I use your fonts on websites?

Website designs made in programs like Sketch or Figma can be tested with our trial files. To go live, you need to buy a web license. Web licensed fonts are distributed as .woff files and are allowed to be stored on servers where websites are located and included via @font-face feature. Monthly page views aren't relevant.

  In the specimen, you have many OpenType features. How do I use them?

Unfortunately, browsers still do not support all OpenType features. Please refer to the specimens PDF to explore our character sets and OpenType features. Free trial fonts files are also available to test our fonts in your layouts.

  Which language support do your fonts have?

Our fonts support a wide range of languages based on Extended Latin and Cyrillic codepages. Those are listed in PDF specimens. If you require a language that our fonts do not support already, please contact us.

  I'm a student, can I use your fonts for free? Are you donating?

We're offering student discounts of 50% on our fonts. Contact us and state Font Name, license type, amount of users. Specify your Billing and Shipping addresses and send your inscription statement from your place of study. We donate our fonts to downsized workers or those earning a salary lower than €400 per month. Organization/ initiative supporting social needs, offering humanitarian aid, or working in education may obtain or help as well.

  I'm a political party/ NGO

Please contact us and specify your aims. We'll come back to you.

  Your name is Kyiv Type Foundry but you are registered in Germany. How come?

We're registered in Hannover, Germany for the reason of safer protection in case of copyright abuse. 1/2 of KTF lives there. We prefer to focus on designs rather than chasing after rip-off artists. We're keen to solve misunderstandings on the human level. However, when there is nothing else left other than to go to court, we prefer doing it under German jurisdiction.